a gazebromance


Sometimes 1 guitar is enough. 2 guitar players are cool. 3 can be madness, but that’s kind of what Gazebo Effect is going for. Rooted in an affinity for songs people can bang their head to, Alt-Rock band Gazebo Effect just wants you to move. The band draws inspiration from incredibly varying acts such as Radiohead, The Allman Brothers Band, Mac Demarco and My Morning Jacket; the 5 dudes then chew that up and spit it out on your face in the form of blaring guitar harmonies, smooth singing and an in-your-face rhythm section.

Gazebo Effect formed on accident--kind of. Ray Bach, James Bloomfield, Eric Dost and Ian Robertson were slated to play an all cover show at their buddy’s late night BBQ when their singer dropped out. Dost hit up old college friend, Jamie Major, to fill in, and after a couple hours of covers, nobody knew what the hell just happened. Such is life, and the 5 guys came together and started writing tunes. Fast-forward almost 2 years later and the band has released two EPs, Big Breakfast and Turtle Rock. The track “Laraway Drive” has been described as, “[E]verything the band does right from killer guitar riffs, steady rhythms and catchy choruses.” ListenLiveLocal

Recently, the band released a self titled LP. It’s been described as, “bluesy and raucous,” (Daily Herald) as well as, “Introspective and catchy”. (MidwestAxn). The band dreams of turtles, getting flown out to Sweden and being sponsored by Klondike Bars.

Guitar / Ray Bach
Guitar / Eric Dost
Vocals, Guitar / Jamie Major
Bass / James Bloomfield
Drums / Ian Robertson





Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at 3.55.04 PM.png


Ray Bach - Guitar Tracking/Editing 
Jason Schmidt - Bass/Vocal Tracking, Editing, Mixing 
Luke Otwell - Drum Tracking 
Collin Jordan - Mastering 
Austin Bower - Art 



Turtle Rock

Tracking and Mixing: Jason Schmidt//Rax Trax Studio
Mastering: Collin Jordan
Artwork: Evan Misfeldt


Big Breakfast

Tracking and Mixing: Luke Otwell
Mastering: Dave Vetteraino
Artwork: Austin Bower




All music written and performed by Ray, James, Eric, Jamie and Ian.